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Turbish is a FREE tool that keeps track of your cloud assets and notifies you if they go offline or if somebody messes with them.

Monitor Your Stuff

In order to know that everything is working fine Turbish enables you to create automated checks that monitors and verifies your services 24/7.

Get Notified

If there is a problem with to your applications, servers or equipment you will be notified via email or push notifications.


You can share checks with your friends! can notify your buddies if your stuff fails.

Be Awesome

Turbish enables you to quickly take action so you can keep being awesome!



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is a FREE tool created by cfp.

The goal is to create a simple service that monitors your stuff on the internet, without any clutter. And if (when) something happens to that stuff you will be notified in a quick an non-intrusive way.

Create something simple and nice.


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