air, earth, elements, fire, water -


What are most known elements? - Fire, Air, Earth, Water.

What do they signify?- Each element has its own nature of things, just as the Earth has its own elements in it. Look up, there is an atmosphere full of air that you can breath. Look down, there is a plant growing that will one day produce food. Look to the sea, there you will see water. Well, water is actually everywhere you see. Remember, you can't live without water. Look at the flames coming out of your stove, lighter, perhaps even your heart at times metaphorically. All these elements make up our macro world as well as the micro, us and our bodies along with emotions. 

In some eastern teachings as well as modern western ones too, elements take up a lot of space in their process to be understood by people for the reason being their importance in our lives, as well as the big vast cosmos. There are chakra healing practices sometimes combined with yoga to balance these elemental energies. 

But what does that even mean? - Each element represent its nature, nurture and balance with the other elements. 

Such as? - Think about fire. Would it grow with oxygen added to it? Yes. What could possibly stop that fire from burning?- Water. 

Let's say you plant a seed for this beautiful plant that you are planning to have in the future. What can possible destroy it? Fire. What could nurture your plant?- Water. 

As seen above, these are just the most simple version of elements deciding to get together with the others, or not. 

How would you explain each element?- The list would go on, but I will try to put them in keywords for you to see it for yourself.

1- Fire (Masculine): Energy, starter, hope, entrepreneurship, desire, confidence,  instinctively survival.

2- Air (Male): Thinker, speaker, ideas, innovations, spontaneous, unique, instinctively rational.

3- Earth (Feminine): Stability, comfort, health, protective, common sense, instinctively productive.

4- Water (Feminine): Compassion, transformational, intuitive, reflective, instinctively devoted.

For example, when you think about the Sun you know it is the fire- that is also the ruler of Leo in astrology. 

Mercury represents the rational communication and learning skills of the mind. Everything mercury takes place in the mind first, then to make its way to the others. Mercury rules Gemini in astrology that is an air sign.

Water on the hand is the element of pisces, cancer and scorpio. These people are your intuitives, passionate lovers, the ones who can transform you/ your life by lending you an ear, giving you advice or even being there for you in times of your needs. 

So, if I am an Aries, I possess all the fire vibes? -Simply, no. What does your overall chart say about you? What if you have 9 planets in water signs? Can you be like a true survivor Aries? No. So, to avoid making mistakes we have to  take into account all the elements in the birth chart to tell a person's motives and energy in life.

Interesting. -Indeed. 

To sum it up, most people possess all the elements at least two or three preponderance of elements forgetting the rest. The main thing we should focus is not to over possess an element but to balance all of them both in and out of ourselves. Wouldn't it be amazing to see all the elements dance in the universe -micro and macro- in balance without fire destroying the earth, air not making the water icy etc? Isn't everything beautiful when at an equilibrium? 

Hence, we came up with designs that could only symbolize these four elements. Click to see Turbish design collection on elements below and enjoy!