Planets in Signs- Leo

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Planets in Signs- Leo

Planets in Leo 

Knowing planets is one thing, knowing what shape they take in different signs is another. Check out all the planets in Leo!

Before reading and relating, please always remember the other signs, their aspects and degrees playing important roles over the below placements. For a better understanding of personal charts, an astrologer or personal reading is recommended. 

Sun: creative mind, great with kids, awesome parents, proud, high self-esteem, leader

Moon: warm hearted, fun, creative careers, leader, protective, might get egocentric

Mercury: fearlessly speaker of the mind, lively, upbeat, protective, prideful, genius in creative projects, enthusiast.

Venus: extravert, little show-off, loves being adored or liked, makes great fashion designers, remarkable taste in clothes and accessories, make up artists, stage/ event designers. Money goes to all the things that are beautiful- including love.

Mars: Strong, independent, not scared to show-off any of their powerful traits. Flirtatious, might face some heart problems. Very very supportive and generous with their time and money. Full of energy! 

Jupiter: Great at leadership positions, leading and teaching. Go-getters. Highly educated and interested in getting educated even more on different topics and knowledge. Mostly, gets acknowledged too by their determinations and hunger when it comes to knowing more, expanding our minds. 

Saturn: If you think about it, leo is the one that creates, someone who is talented in many ways. However, with Saturn in Leo all the traits of it becomes dull or somewhat hard to achieve- that is until facing some difficulties and tests given by Saturn, then Saturn in Leo only rewards greatly. Generally, however a Saturn in Leo person becomes -unlike a Sun in Leo- shy, low self- esteemed, not enough or not good enough for anything. They are most scared of getting ridiculed in front of a group of people for Saturn is the fear, leo is the actor on stage. They might struggle with public speaking, leadership positions and creative projects. - This is never forever, though. 

Uranus: If leo is the artists and the creative world full of colors and designers, Uranus is the one that causes dramatic changes around and in those areas. New era of art might start, new leaders might rise suddenly.

Neptune: Increase in the importance of art, artists, design, designers along with their natures and genius minds. Variety of artists, actors, directors, designers rising up on their power instead of staying behind the scenes. Highly influencer people, generous, passionate and big warm hearted.

Pluto:  Dictator type of leaders, bossy managers, monarchy- one king type of views. On the bright side however or maybe not, but as a generation pluto in leo causes a great admiration for money, getting rich, colorful and fun parties, kids or creative kids toys or playgrounds, perhaps even schools. Passionate leaders, enthusiast approaches. (depending on the aspects)

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