Planets in Signs- Sagittarius

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Planets in Signs- Sagittarius

Planets in Sagittarius

Knowing planets is one thing, knowing what shape they take in different signs is another. Check out all the planets in Sagittarius!

Before reading and relating, please always remember the other signs, their aspects and degrees playing important roles over the below placements. For a better understanding of personal charts, an astrologer or personal reading is recommended. 

Sun: wanderer, adventurous, philosophical/ religious, positive, optimist, happy go lucky, free and independent

Moon: honest, open-minded, open- hearted, visionary, adventurous

Mercury: never in favor of negativite talks, conversations or people, forgetful, sometimes due to hearts of change in mind- confused, intellectual, tries to understand everything about life, traveler, bookworm/ audiobooks

Venus: seeker of freedom in relationships, sometimes ends up with a foreigner lover or falls in love in different far away places. Free-spirited traveler. Generous and understanding of others' needs and wants. Respectful. Mostly, spends money on traveling, traveling gadgets or true love of theirs.

Mars: true fighter for those that they believe in such as their high idealistic dreams and future successes. Travelers, writers, researchers, adventurers. Constant want of getting out of the known into the unknown- places, cultures, people, knowledge. Foreigner partners, jobs, connections. Success in high education.

Jupiter: curious, lucky in general but luckiest in foreign lands, or with foreign jobs, education/ educator, justice/ laws, equal rights, politics, peacemaker. Fun, lively, adventurer. Intellectual, wise, talkative.

Saturn: problems with belief systems and religion, scared to be too optimist. Problems might occur in college years with education. Skeptical, not gullible. 

Uranus: free of even freedom itself, very free spirited, traveler, adventure seeker. Whatever house it is in might cause unexpected changes. Conflicts in the views of different religions or philosophies. Awakenings in generations, conflicts in orders.

Neptune: increase in interests of different cultures for each other, spiritual enlightenments, uplifting and happy reforms and explorations, discoveries around the world.

Pluto: politics based on strong religious or philosophical views. Every 250 years. Problems might occur in immigration policies or with foreign affairs. Differences between cultures and religions might rise, questioning ethics. Increase in awareness as a whole around the world.


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