Planets in the Sign- Aries

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Planets in the Sign- Aries

Planets in Aries 

Knowing planets is one thing, knowing what shape they take in different signs is another. Check out all the planets in Aries!

Before reading and relating, please always remember the other signs, their aspects and degrees playing important roles over the below placements. For a better understanding of personal charts, an astrologer or personal reading is recommended. 

Sun: active, generous, self-starter, leader, determined

Moon: impatient, competitive, quick tempered, true risk taker

Mercury: talk before think, not open to criticism or bad mouth people, fast and furious.

Venus: impulsive, competitive even in love, sometimes selfish, stubborn

Mars: brave, fast decision maker, self-esteem problems, unnecessary risks along with the necessary, very very energetic

Jupiter: self-starter, brave, generous, leader, respected (army/ military etc.), adventurous.

Saturn: easily bored, need to learn to be patient- prone to mistakes otherwise, self esteem, slow decision maker, might have problems with dad or grandpas.

Uranus: rebellious , unexpected strong life changing situations, disobedience.

Neptune: change of leaders (strong, brave, fearless), campaigns and struggles for spiritualism or against, soldiers and military related incidents, conflicts, dreamers vs real risk takers type of situations. Strong creative brand new energies.

Pluto: Conflicts over power, money, survival, military power. New leaders, mafia wars, anarchist movements and protests. 


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