Astrology vs Scientists Statements

Astrology is such a controversial subject among those who believe in it and those who do not. It is so crucially controversial that there has been many discussions, debates, and arguments about it being scientific or not, religious or not, accurate or not.

We  wanted to make these statement clothes less crucial and more entertaining for all. We picked some statements, discussion topics, debate questions in account to design this collection for you no matter which side you are on. Scientific or not, spiritual or not, psychological or not, astrology sure has been around for a very long periods of time anyways. 

Those who read about it, research its hidden wisdom will discover more depth about it all.

Those who limit themselves only with the daily horoscopes will never discover the knowledge behind its details.

For those who do not get involved in it for religious reasons will always be respected for their higher purpose and wellness by any professional astrologer or scientist for sure.

Each on his own.

No one, even you do not have to believe in anything you do not want to. You do not even have to believe in anything you want to believe in. Don't let a scientist or an astrologer tell you otherwise. Just do your own research.

You are you. Keep you as you. :)