You Are More Than Just Your Sun Sign

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An Insightful, Intuitive, and Practical Interpretation

“From the Sun (luminary), we are born into the physical realm; and as we reach Pluto, the last planet, we transition into the spiritual realm to die. As morbid as it sounds, it’s just how our energy works. The planets and luminaries are then split into two categories: inner/internal and outer/external, and every planet possesses their own type of energy and specialty. From the internal planets, the Sun shines on planets that impact our personalities. It’s how we function as an individual. From the external planets, the darkness of these worlds helps us utilize our personality and inner strengths to overcome events of the physical realm. It’s how we shine our light in dark spaces.” - Joan Zodianz from You Are More Than Just Your Sun Sign

Author: Zodianz, Joan

Binding: Paperback

Number Of Pages: 319

Release Date: 11-02-2021

Book Details: Cozmic Contents If you’re an intuitive, yet practical, learner, you will enjoy this soulfully detailed astrology book by Joan Zodianz. This isn’t your regular cookie-cutter astrology book.

You will learn the good, the bad, the beautiful, the ugly sides of each planet and each zodiac sign.

Think of this book as a self-help book for your soul’s energy. See astrology from a much higher perspective Macro and Micro Perspectives of Planets Evolution of energy in planets, houses, elements, modalities, and zodiac signs.

Evolved (light) and unevolved (shadow) versions of each zodiac sign Moon and Planetary descriptions under each zodiac sign Reading horoscopes and ephemeris’ correctly.

Multiple charts and beautiful hand-drawn illustrations.

Thorough, intuitive, and practical astrological patterns and phrases for you to easily remember.

About the Author

Joan Zodianz is a professional astrologer, angel medium, intuitive artist, and tarot reader. She has been developing her spiritual gifts since childhood. She has a love of spirituality, obsession with astrology, and strong connection with Archangels.

Languages: English