About us

Turbish website has started with one thing in mind, uniqueness in everyday apparels. It has since then sailed to the seas of curiosity and generosity of the lonely harbors of astrology, creativity mixed with the stars, planets, and the sky in its full potential to tell us a story of the unknown. 

As it has passed through the islands full of sparks leading to us to new harbors, Turbish has become everything that was not only limited to astrology but something more. Creation with uniqueness means everything. Perhaps, the stars were aligned that way, perhaps not. Perhaps, the knowledge has expanded its limits as the Jupiter made conjunctions with Saturn, but perhaps not. 

In short,  this is a website that shares the uniqueness of every day apparels with you, from t-shirts to hoodies, accessories to home, and so much more. What had been only a dream to share designs by Turbish in the past has now made itself come true. Our sincerely designed apparels are here to be a part of your everyday life. How? 

Order an oversized t-shirt, go out there and do some creative activities, or maybe run, walk, sweat, meditate, do yoga, sit, take a breather, listen to your favorite songs in your favorite clothes. 

Order the softest, warmest hoodies that we design for you to give to your loved ones to keep them warm, or for yourself to put your hands in the pockets when there is a breeze running through your face. Don't be cold, but feel the breeze in your warm hoodie. 

Order an accessory that can promise you to be a reminder of yourself, your highest most achievable dreams, and your unstoppable energy.

Get a t-shirt that has a unique design on it to show the world that you are here, and you are unique, hence your clothes.

Share the love with those around you or with us for we will be here for long designing, creating, making an effort to make your daily life cheerful, thoughtful and kind.

Get a gift or a book for those who are interested in astrology, keeping in mind books make the most meaningful gifts for some who are in need. You can be that person. We were that person and that is why we are here to share these books with you here. 

If you do not believe in astrology, no worries. Our focus is not only astrology but everything that inspires us to create daily. As you go along with your day creating beautiful memories and daily routines for yourself, we create designs daily to share with you. That is what keeps Turbish alive; designing or more like, creating for all. 

Turbish provides you the most personalized, deeply felt, memorable, beautiful, inspirational,and desirable designs- all created with love, generosity and curiosity.