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Cosmo's Zodiac Sex: The Hottest Sex Positions for Every Astrological Sign Book

Let's have some fun with the fun side of astrology from time to time, right? Here is the book that can help you if you want to keep learning about it all. ENJOY! *wink

The ultimate collection of 75+ sex moves for each star sign from Cosmopolitan!


Ever wonder why one month is a nonstop bonefest and the next is more bust than thrust? Blame it on astrology! That's because each sign has its own sexy season and its own crazy sexy moves.

Put this knowledge to sexcellent use with these zodiac-inspired positions. From Bossy in Bed Aries season with its commanding positions, to Slow 'n Sizzly Taurus season with its sensual vibe, you'll find yourself trying new foreplay, incorporating toys, and hooking up in places you've never dared to before. Get ready for sex so good, you'll be seeing stars! Includes:  

  •  A full-color illustration for every position

   •  A Mercury Retrograde Emergency chapter with intimate sex positions for a time when misfortunes and miscommunications happen   

•  A compatibility chart to find out how well you and bae vibe in bed together


“ Cosmo’s Zodiac Sex guide stands out from other, older titles about the astrology of sex, because it’s one of the first books of its kind that’s all-inclusive. It’s progressive, avoids gendered language, and features a variety of different types of relationships. This genre of book tends to be heteronormative and cissexist, and with this book’s wonderful illustrations and exciting descriptions of each zodiacal season’s influence on your sex life, Cosmopolitan emphasized  all kinds of relationships, so anyone can pick up this book and learn, be entertained, and better their sex life!” —Jake Register, member of Cosmopolitan’s Cosmos Council and author of Astrology for Relationships

"I absolutely loved Cosmo Zodiac Sex! Each position is simply put and easy to understand, making a fiery sex life seem a lot more easily (and magically) attained. Unlike many sex "handbooks," Cosmo does a wonderful job including inclusive language and photography. This is a must-read for anyone trying to spice up their sex life with the stars!" — Six, astrologer

"No longer will you *ever* run out of ways to have explosive sex—all year round! Cosmo’s Zodiac Sex is a must-have for anyone who wants to hit entirely new levels of cosmic intimacy with their partner—as well as those who just want to turn up the heat with their casual fling (and def become unforgettable, btw). Cosmo’s Zodiac Sex embodies guidance from the stars and is a scintillating read for anyone who has a fetish for love." —Kyle Thomas, astrologer

“As a Scorpio (of course) sex is IMPORTANT, not only during my season but all year long. This sexy new guide is just what I've needed to add spice and excitement to the boudoir. My new nightstand essential!” —Adama Sesay, astrologer

“ Cosmo’s Zodiac Sex is a fun, informative, and super kinky guide for exploring sex, the stars, and everything in between. This book is guaranteed to make every astrological season extra horny and, frankly, we love to see it!” —Aliza Kelly, astrologist, writer and author of The Mixology of Astrology


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Author: Cosmopolitan

Brand: Hearst Home

Color: White

Binding: Hardcover

Number Of Pages: 128

Release Date: 13-10-2020

Languages: English